Production-service-business facility Simanovci

Publikum d.o.o. showed us the trust with which we became general contractors at construction of a new hall in Šimanovci. Production-service-business facility consists of two units:

Production part of the facility – consisting of a production hall with accompanying necessary technical premises and office space in the service of the production hall. I Business part of the building – which consists from the space intended for offices and spaces in the service of office users (toilets, wardrobes, self-service ready-to-eat restaurant…).

Also, for the needs of storage of potentially dangerous material, a separate facility is planned.

As the existing infrastructure at the site does not have sufficient capacity to provide the required the amount of water for the operation of the hydrant installation, so that the hydrant water tank is in function, the construction of a pumping station to accommodate equipment and elevation plants is envisaged