Sewerage Pumping Station ”Krnjaca 2”

Sewerage Pumping Station (SPS) ”Krnjaca 2”  is envisaged as an integral part of the Banat Sewerage System, in the part where the canalization is based on the separation principle. The SPS “Krnjaca 2” building has an area of about 1960 m2 and consists of two functional parts: a pumping station and a supply-drainage manhole.

The pumping station is buried in the ground at 9.85m with a groundwater level, and its construction is planned to be made of reinforced concrete. The construction of the underground part consists of a foundation slab, mezzanine ceilings, as well as external and internal reinforced concrete walls.There are rooms for stuff on the ground floor of the building and other rooms needed for the technological process.

The whole complex is surrounded by a metal fence, an internal road revolves around the building, and there is a small parking space. Free areas are greened with appropriate vegetation.